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    Some information about Bay Area Bail Bonds

    Located in the East Bay, we are five minutes away from Santa Rita Jail. We can assist with most bails and provide advice as well.

    How the Bail Bonds Process Works

    Essentially, a Bail Bond allows you to have a relative or friend released from jail without requiring you to post the full bond amount. A Bail Bond Agency will usually collect a certain percentage of the total bail amount from you and will guarantee the Court that the defendant will appear to any and all hearings.

    In regards to bond premiums, the bail agencies often collect 10% of the face amount of the bail from the bail poster. Such an item is termed a "premium," and is the cost of having a friend or loved one freed from a jail. The bail poster pays this amount upfront or, in some cases, the bail bondsman can arrange financing.

    Payment methods include cash, credit cards, personal checks, and, in some cases, financing. After payment is received, the bail bondsman will arrange to have your friend or relative freed from jail, usually within the hour.

    We serve the Santa Rita Jail and are only five minutes away!